About us

Welcome to Green Grass Trunk!


Launched in 2021, founder Francisco Alustiza began with the sole mission to break stereotypes in his native island of Puerto Rico.  He has always had a fascination with swimwear. He travelled observed and absorbed different cultures and their response to fashion and swimwear in particular. He admire the way many would freely wear their chosen swim briefs and no judgement was met.


Green Grass Trunk was birthed from an idea to share treasures found our travels, we welcome you on a voyage through our creative psyche. From pieces inspired by the winding mountain tops of Puerto Rico to the mythical beaches found in places like Mexico and Greece. This curated selection of pieces are dedicated to the freedoms of travel, the power of self-expression and the beautiful people we have met along our life journey. With pieces that contains stories of lands near and far, we look forward to sharing these treasures with you all.